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Valete 1933

Our best wishes go with the following, who have left since the last issue of the Magazine :
VI. Lit. S. W. Smith.
VI. Sc. H. A. Pearce, I. Clack.

Our best wishes go with the seven Prefects who left at the end of last term.
R. J. North (Captain of the School, 1931-2; Captain of Whittingham House; Chairman of the Debating Society),
A.E. Gibbins (Athletics Captain, 1931-2; Captain of Allpass House; Cricket Cap).,
W.J.D. Walker (Captain of Higham House),
C.L. Cutting (Captain of Morris House; Cricket Cap),
C. S. Bayes,
J. H. Macartney
E. W. Harrison,
The following have also left:
VI. Sc. J.C. Jenkins.
VI. Lit. W.V. Harries, L. F. Lamb

J. ACRES. (1926-33; Prefect, 1931-33). We wish him success in his studies at Cheltenham Training College.

G. A. BARNARD (1926-33; Prefect, 1931-33; Chess Team, 1931-33; Chess Captain, 1932-33; Chess Colours, 1933; Debating Society-Committee, 1930-33; Assistant Secretary, 1931-32; Orchestra, 1926-33). For the benefit of those who find themselves somewhat bewildered by Barnard's range of successes, we give here a summary of his more important achievements:
Easter, 1932: Major Open Scholarship in Science (value £80 per annum) at Reading University. (Relinquished).
Summer, 1932: State Scholarship (as a, result of four distinctions in the Higher School Examination). Christmas, 1932: Exhibition at St: John's College, Cambridge; Monoux Exhibition.
Our best wishes go with Barnard to St. John's College, Cambridge, where he will study Mathematics.

R.D. HEMBROW (1929-33; Prefect 1933; Cricket Colours 1933)

P. G. H. HOPKINS (1930-33; Prefect, 1931-33; Captain of the School, 1932-33; Captain of Higham House, 1932-33; Cricket Colours, 1931; Football. Colours, 1932; Cricket Captain, 1932-33; Debating Society--Committee, 1932-33).
Hopkins is now studying at the London School of Economics. We wish him every success.

D.A. LOTHIAN (1925-33; Prefect, 1931-33; Debating Society Committee, 1931-32).

J.E. LYNCH (1927-33; Prefect, 1931-33; Captain of Whittingham House, 1932-33; Football Colours, 1931, Vice Captain of Football, 1931-32; Football Captain, 1932-33; Debating Society Committee, 1932-33).

D.G.O. MORRIS (1926-33; Prefect, 1932-33; Vice-Captain of Swimming, 1932-33; Swimming Captain, 1933). Morris takes our best wishes with him to Bangor University College, where he goes to study Science.

D.J. SCHERR (1926-33; Prefect, 1931-33; Librarian, 1931-33; Dramatic Society Secretary, 1931-33). We wish him success at East London College, where he is studying Modern Languages.

E. W. SCOTT (1926-33; Prefect, 1932-33; Editor of the Monovian, 1932-33; Captain of Allpass House, 1932-33. We are pleased to see that Scott in joining the staff of the Waltlia,mstow Guardian has been able to follow his journalistic bent.

R.G. WADE (1927-33; Prefect, 1932-33; Cricket Colours, 1932: Vice-Captain of Cricket, 1933).

D.F. WEBBER (1928-33; Prefect, 1933; Captain of Morris House, 1932-33; Football Colours, 1933).

E.S. WILLIAMS (1926-33; Prefect, 1932-33; Captain of the School, 1933; Football Colours, 1931; Vice-Captain of Football, 1932-33; Cricket Colours, 1932; Cricket Team, 1933; Games Secretary, 1932-33; Cross Country Team, 1930-33; Debating Society Committee, 1932-33).