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Valete 1949

R. D. Langstaff, 1940-48. Prefect, 1948; 2nd XI Football and Cricket; 1st XI scorer; Football Captain of Morris House, 1947-48; Secretary of Radio and Stamp Clubs; member of Chess team.
" Dick's" quiet manner hid from many of the School his true character, but in all the activities in which he took part he revealed a willingness and reliability that were his sterling qualities. He was an enthusiastic member of the 2nd Football X I and played for the 1st XI. His sense of responsibility was most evident in the way in which he carried out his duties as a 1st XI scorer. He was a regular member of the J.S.D.C. and a lover of music and of ballet.

Eric B. Granshaw; 1940-48. Prefect, 1946-48; House Captain Higham House; Tennis Colours, 1948; 2nd XI Cricket, 1948; member of Dramatic Society and Badminton Society; Assistant Librarian.
Eric's joviality won him many friends throughout the School. The enthusiasm which all his activities embodied was evident not only in his tennis and cricket, but also in his House-captaincy and prefectship. The School, however, will remember him chiefly for his performances in the humorous roles of many Dramatic Society productions, especially that of Snout: in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The School wishes him every success both in his service with the R.A.F. and in his future career in the Civil Service.

William S. Harpin; 1941-48. Prefect, 1947-48; Captain of Mallinson House; joint Editor of Monovian; Captain 1st XI Cricket; Captain Mallinson Football and Cricket teams; member of Mallinson Tennis team; member of Dramatic Society, Operatic Society, Choir and Badminton Club.
"Bill's" leaving robs the School of one of its finest all-rounders. He was an excellent sportsman: at cricket, a left-handed batsman and a fast right arm bowler who broke a School record by taking 77 wickets in a season and who played more than once for the Essex Grammar Schools' Eleven; at football, a left-winger; at athletics, a sprinter and javelin-thrower, who, besides winning the Philpott Cup in the School Sports, won a place for the School in the javelin throwing event in the Bickersteth Cup Inter-Schools' Competition.
Keenness and efficiency marked his efforts at House-captaincy, prefectship and editorship, in which positions he did invaluable work for the School. He took the part of Sam in the Pirates of Penzance, besides being a producer in the Dramatic Society. His wit and sense of humour will be greatly missed in the Prefects' Room.
His academic career reached its climax when he won a State Scholarship to study English at Birmingham university, and we wish him every success there and in his future career.

Keith J. Bridge, 1943-49, Prefect 1946-48; School Captain, 1947-48; House Captain, Whittingham House; President of the School Council; Secretary of the Dramatic Society; Assistant Librarian; member of Inter-Schools Discussion Group.
Keith proved to be an extremely able School Captain and was liked and respected throughout the School. His confidence in himself was an inspiration to others and secured the widest support for his projects, which he carried out with the vigour and determination which typified all his actions. In particular the campaign which he organised in connection with the "Save Europe Now" appeal was an outstanding success. He played prominent parts in several Dramatic Society productions and his forceful arguments at the Inter-Schools Discussion Group and elsewhere never failed to impress those who heard them. Outside School, Keith's first interests were music and books and his wide reading made him well informed on a variety of subjects. He is at present serving with the R.A.O.C. and he carries with him the best wishes of the School, both now and for his later studies at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

N. G. Reaney, 1945-48.
Reaney will be chiefly remembered for the excellent work he did for the School Chess Club. He was a first class player and a modest yet inspiring leader. From back numbers of the Monovian we note that he was largely instrumental in shaking the club from the lethargy of the war years. He became its captain and secretary and had many fine achievements to his credit. In the 1946 Solving Tourney of the Chess Education Society he won a prize in the Open Section. In the London Boys' Championship of that year he won a second prize in a Consolation Tourney. He also played successfully for the County.
Reaney is now a sapper (R.E.) stationed at Cove near Aldershot. He finds his time fully occupied and the work very interesting.

G.G.S. Searle 1945-48 Prefect, 1947-48; House Captain, Morris House; 1st XI Cricket, 1947-48;Chief Librarian 1947-48 Secretary of School Council; member of Dramatic Society and Badminton Society.
"Geoff" was never a member of any other form but the Lit. Sixth, as he came to the School from Magdalen College School, Blackley, in 1945. Always quiet and unassuming he soon won the friendship of his fellows. He justified himself as a Monovian in many ways, not the least of which were his enthusiastic captaincy of 2nd XI Cricket, his painstaking care as the School Librarian, and his efficiency as secretary of the School Council. No less distinguished in his academic career, Geoff, has left the School for the King's Royal Rifle Corps. With him go our best wishes for his future success.