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Valete 1926

T. G. COWLING'S WONDERFUL SUCCESS. We all heartily congratulate T. G. Cowling on his wonderful success at Oxford, in winning the Oxford University Junior Mathematical Scholarship, an achievement which ranks him as first man in the year for Mathematics at the University. Cowling will be remembered as a Prefect of the School in 1923-24, when he was also Captain of Higham. He was present at the School Sports to give vigorous support to his old House.

L. W. SNAITH. Few Sixth Formers are leaving this term, but among them we are losing one of the most distinguished, L. W. Snaith. As both Cricket and Football Captain for three years, Prefect for three years, Head Prefect for this year, Captain of Morris, and twice winner of the Victor Ludorum Cup he has played a part in the life of the School which has seldom been equalled. His winsome personality, unassuming manner, and cheerful disposition have made him one of the most popular figures in the School. To us senior fellows he seems like the last of the stalwarts, who were winning the School's victories when we were only in the Third Form. We understand that he is going to take up a commercial appointment, and both in this and in his sporting career we wish him every success.

FURTHER SUCCESS OF H. E. ROBSON. We congratulate H. E. Robson on his good fortune in securing a Kitcheuer Scholarship to the value of £100 per annum for three years. He will have brought his school career to a triumphant close when he goes up to Cambridge in October to join A. A. Smith and A. Rabson. Among the honoured posts he has filled are those of Prefect, Chairman of the Debating Society, Captain of Whittingham, and Secretary of the Chess Club. May he worthily uphold the honour of his old School in his new sphere!

A. T. PERKINS. Taking his Intermediate Science Examination this term, A.T. Perkins, one of this year's Prefects, is also leaving us. He intends to enter the teaching profession. We hope he will make a model master for our sons and grandsons!

G. H. TAYLOR. The Upper VA Prefect is another distinguished figure who is leaving this term. For three seasons he has proved a stalwart goal-keeper for the lst XI, and he has also won his laurels at cricket. We hope that by the time this number appears, he will have secured his Matriculation Certificate, for which he has been working so furiously.

A.E.H. (VIth).
COUNTY INTTERMEDIATE SUCCESSES. Two Sixth Formers, W. O. Jennings and G. F. Lothian, distinguished themselves by gaining County Intermediate Scholarships. We offer them our congratulations, and trust that they will not be the last of an illustrious line.

L. W. SNAITH. Last year's School Captain now passes his time with the Legal and General Assurance Company. We hear that the office gramophone has become permanently unemployed, as it now has a rival who knows all the latest melodies even before they are out of date.

M. F. THOROUGHGOOD, another of those who left last term, is with the same firm as Snaith. We offer him our very best wishes.
We might add that W. A. Workman, who took the chair at the last Old Boys' Dinner and whose wife distributed the prizes at this year's sports, is General Manager of the Legal and General; and the firm includes a considerable number of Old Monovians, among them C. F. Martin (School Captain, 1919-21), L. W. Brinkworth, H. A. Fenner, A, W. Ritchie, and E. C. Trant.

H.E. ROBSON now professes to study History at Sidney Sussex, Cambridge. We hear that he is conducting an historical research into the origins of Cambridge sausages. He will embody the results of his investigations in a treatise, "De Trunculis."

G.H. TAYLOR. His success in passing Matriculation we are overjoyed to announce. He is now studying medicine at Guy's. According to information derived from W.H. Allen, another Old Monovian, Taylor's first task will be the analysis of frogs.

G. R. STONE has won a musical scholarship at Reading University. We wish him every success. Possibly we may soon have the pleasure of adding a Reading Letter to our Old Boys' section.