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Valete 1939

R. T. Whitcomb (1931-39. School Captain, 1939; Prefect, 1936-39; Football Captain, 1938-39; Football Colours, 1936 ; Cricket Captain, 1939 ; Cricket Colours, 1938 ; Tennis Captain, 1938 ; Tennis Colours, 1938 ; Captain of Morris House, 1937-39) . It seems more than superfluous to mention that Whitcomb was extremely popular in the School. The respect and affection in which "Whig" was held by First Former and Prefect alike were obvious to all. The quiet, efficient way in which he carried out his duties as Captain of the School, his enthusiastic management of the School Tennis, Cricket, and Football Teams, and his pleasant personality will be long remembered by his colleagues.
We wish him every success in his future career.

D. J. D. Chittock (1933-39. Prefect, 1939 ; 1st XI Cricket, 1938-39; Cricket Colours, 1939) .
By reason of his jovial personality, Chittock soon became very popular in the Prefects' Room. He was also an invaluable member of the School Cricket XI and an artist of no mean ability. We wish him every success in his new career.

P. M. C. Ellis 1931-39. Prefect, 1938-39; 1st XI Cricket, 1938 ; Cricket Half-Colours, 1938 ; 1st XI Football, 1939 ; Football Half-Colours, 1939 ; School Tennis Team, 1938-39 ; Tennis Colours, 1938 ; School Table Tennis Team, 1938 ; Captain of Whittingham House, 1938-39) .
With the departure of Ellis the School has lost a Prefect popular for his ready friendliness, and a sportsman whose services to the Tennis, Cricket, and Football Teams proved invaluable.

S. R. Epton (1931-39. Prefect, 1938-39).
Epton's cheery and willing disposition combined with his sound common sense earned him the high esteem of his colleagues and, in fact, of all who came in contact with him.
His scholastic abilities received their well deserved reward when he was awarded an Open Exhibition to Merton College, Oxford. We hope he will not be disturbed by the ghosts that we are told haunt that seat of learning, and that he will gain even greater honours.

J. A. Peachey (1934-39. Prefect, 1939 ; 1st XI Football, 1938-39 ; Football Colours, 1938 ; Captain of School Tennis, 1939 : School Tennis Team, 1937-39 ; Tennis Colours, 1938 1st XI Cricket, 1939; Captain of Spivey House, 1939).
A fine all-round sportsman, a popular Prefect, Peachey has played a colourful part in the life of the School for the last few years. He first played for the School Tennis Team when in the Third Form, and has since become its Captain. His proudest achievement, however (so he maintains), was his one appearance in the Chess Team!

D. F. Raper (1934-39. Prefect, 1939; Table Tennis Team, 1939; Swimming Team, 1937-39; Swimming Colours, 1938). Since the beginning of this year, when he became a Prefect, Raper has carried out his prefectorial duties in a calm but efficient manner. His sense of humour and his willing disposition should serve him well during his career in the Civil Service.

J. A. Wynne (1936-39. Prefect, 1939; School Librarian, I937-39; Secretary of School General Committee, 1938-39; ViceCaptain of Whittingham House, 1938-39).
Although he only came to this School at the beginning of his Matriculation year, Wynne soon became very popular, especially in the Upper School and latterly among the Prefects. To him fell the thankless task of School Librarian. This he carried out with great efficiency.
Wynne hopes to become a teacher and we wish him every success during his stay at London University, which he is entering in November.