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Valete 1930

W. N. CORKHILL (1921-1930). Prefect (1927-30); Captain of the School (1928-30); Captain of Allpass (1928-30); Cricket Colours (1929): Athletics Colours (1929); Captain of Football (1930); Victor Ludorum (1930). Besides the many services involved in this imposing list of honours, which will speak for themselves, Corkhill will go down to an admiring posterity as the sole patentee of those amazingly artistic creations, the Prefect's Cap and the Colours Tie. We wish him the success he so eminently deserves at Jesus College, Oxford, where he is now studying science.

A. C. ROLFE (1922-1930). Prefect (1928-30); Captain of Allpass (1928-30); Cricket Colours (1929); Minor Scholarship in Natural Science, Trinity College, Oxford; Mallinson Scholarship and Cicely Courtauld Scholarship. Not even mens sana in corpore sano sums up Rolfe's career. For does it not omit all reference to his impersonations of bright young things, his agility in inkwells (see the Monovian, No. 5, p. 27), his oratorical powers, and last, but by no means least, his tremendous energies in the matter of detentions, for which, surely, he must hold the record?
awarded last term to.

W. M. ALDRIDGE (1924-1930). Prefect (1929-30); Captain of Whittingham (1929-30); Cricket Colours (1929). A deservedly popular member of the School, and one whose early departure is much to be regretted. We wish him every success in the commercial career which he is taking up.

G. F. LEWIN (1922-1930). Prefect (1928-30); Secretary of the Chess Club (1928-30); Chess Colours (1929) ; Hulme Exhibition, Brasenose College, Oxford; State Scholarship (1930). Lewin has brought great honour both to the School and himself by his brilliant success in the Higher School Examination, and we are sure that yet greater successes are to be his at Oxford, where he has already played chess for the University.

R. B. RHODES (1926-30). Prefect (1928-30): Captain of Higltam (1928-30); Secretary of Sports Committee (1929-30); Treasurer of the School branch of the National Savings Association (1929-30). Popular, genial, and efficient, Rhodes worked hard in the service of the School and of his House, and we wish him every success at University College, London, where he is now studying.

S. O. SPEAKMAN (1922-1930). Prefect (1928-30); Chairman of the Literary and Debating Society (1928-30). The last of the Speakmans has left us . . . the Sixth Form room is bereft of its muse, who now resides in a more poetical place, that home of lost causes, forsaken names, etc., more generally known as Oxford. There he studies French and Spanish, and no longer does our Library re-echo with the ominous murmur of "Otto," chanting Spanish, surrounded by disgruntled Sixth-formers.

R. J. MACARTNEY (1920-1930). Prefect (1929-30); Chairman of the Christian Union (1930); Athletics Colours (1929). By those competent to judge Macartney was regarded as one of the best runners we have had, and we look to him to add lustre to our athletic reputation at Oxford, where he is studying for the Church. He has already secured second place in the first heat of the Freshmen's Quarter Mile.

G. R. SMITH (1921-1930). Prefect (1927-30) ; Captain of Football (1929); Cricket Colours (1929). He is now at Cheltenham, where he is studying for the teaching profession.

W. A. H. TOLLETT (1925-1930). Prefect (1929-30) ; Chess Colours (1930). He is now at the Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs, La Roche sur You, La Vendee, France. He wae successful at the September Matriculation.