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Valete 1944

Peter A. Timms: 1936-44 (Prefect, 1941-4; School Captain. 1942-4; Captain of Higham House; 1st XI. Football and Cricket; member of Library Committee).
Timms held office during one of the most difficult periods of the School's history, the end of evacuation and the return to Walthamstow. Efficient and painstaking, he was a good scholar and a valuable member of both 1st XI's. His genial personality, so valuable to a good School Captain, should serve him well in the R.A.F.

Douglas J. Insole: 1937-44 (Prefect, 1942-4; School Captain, 1944; Captain of Mallinson House; Captain of Football, 1941-4; Captain of Cricket, 1942-4 ; Vice-Captain of Tennis and Table-tennis; Colours for Athletics; Assistant Editor of Monovian).
Insole's abilities as a sportsman were obvious; he was outstandingly brilliant at games and far from negligible in the scholastic sphere. He made a popular School Captain, his period of office, though short, fully revealing his great capabilities. He has left us to join the Royal Corps of Signals.

Peter N. Dunn: 1937-44 (Prefect 1942-4; School Captain, 1944; Captain of Morris House; Secretary of School Council, 1943-4; Secretary of Literary and Debating Society, Secretary of Music Society).
Dunn was, during his brief period of office, a quiet but very efficient School Captain. He played a part in many School activities, and will be greatly missed. He recently gained a County Major Scholarship, and we wish him success in his career at London University.

Desmond J. A. Baker: 1938-44 (Prefect, 1944 ; lst X1. Cricket Captain of 2nd XI. Football).
Baker was an efficient Prefect and a good sportsman, and deserves our best wishes for his future career.
Roger H. Gillingham: 1937-44 (Prefect, 1942-4; Captain of Whittingham House; lst XI. Football and Cricket).
Gillingham's outstanding feature was his cheerful personality, which made him popular throughout the School. We extend our best wishes for his career in the Royal Marines, which he will join after completing a University Short Course at Edinburgh.

A. Keith Jeffries : 1938-44 (Prefect, 1944; 1st XI. Football ; member of Tennis Team).
Jefferies' usefulness on the football field and his cheery good nature earned him the popularity he deserved. We wish him the best of luck in his future career.

Charles J. Plouviez: 1937-44 (Prefect, 1942-4; Editor of the Monovian; member of Library Committee).
Plouviez became Editor of the School Magazine while still in the fifth form. He contributed greatly to the cultural life of the School, and should do well at Edinburgh, where he is now taking a University Short Course before entering the Royal Marines.

Walter D. Ridgway: 1937-44 (Prefect, 1942-4; 1st XI Football and Cricket; Captain, of Tennis and Table-tennis).
Ridgway's popularity was due to that almost indefinable feature called "personality." He took part in all forms of school sport, and we wish him luck in his career in. the Services.
Dennis L. Simms: 1937-44 (Prefect, 1942-4; member of Tennis and Table-tennis Teams; Secretary, of Inter-Schools Discussion Group; member of Library Committee).
Simms played a great part in many School activities, especially those of a cultural nature. We wish him the success he deserves in his work at the South-West Essex Technical College.

John E. Willmer: 1937-44 (Prefect, 1942-4 ; Captain of Spivey House, Vice-Captain Cricket and Football).
Willmer was a prominent member of both lst XI's, and a very popular inhabitant of the Prefects' Room. He is now taking a Short Course for the Royal Marines at Edinburgh University.