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Valete 1940

P. S. G. Flint (1932-9. Prefect, 1936-9. Chess Captain and Colours; Football 2nd XI, Half-colours. Editor of Monovian, 1938-9. Secretary of Debating Society. Elected School Captain,
Summer, 1939. Captain of Allpass House).
As a School Captain, Flint would no doubt have been admirable, but his term of office was unfortunately terminated. One of the most popular boys in the School, a scholar of note and no mean sportsman, "Percy;" with his cheery personality, represents a considerable loss to the School.

A. D. Perryman (1932-9. Prefect, 1937-9. Chess Team and Colours; lst XI Cricket Colours; 2nd XI Football. Captain of Mallinson House).
Perryman distinguished himself in both the Chess Team and the 1st Cricket XI. He was a quiet but conscientious member of the Prefects.

R. R. Davis (1933-9. Prefect, 1937-9. Athletics Captain and Colours; Swimming Team, Half-colours; Rugger Team. Secretary, Dramatic Society. Captain of Higham House).
One might call Davis "the genial giant." There was scarcely a boy in the Lower School with whom he was not on " Hyah " terms. His prefectorial duties were performed cheerfully, and as an actor he was one of the School's best. The absence of Davis will be greatly noticed.

K. Paton (1932-9. Prefect, 1938-9. Captain of Gym. Team; Tennis Team Colours; Swimming Team Colours; lst X I Football Colours; 2nd XI Cricket).
Paton was actor, tennis player, swimmer, footballer, cricketer and musician rolled into one. One of his most striking features was perhaps the vice-like grip of his gigantic hands. He was altogether overwhelming, but nevertheless agreeably overwhelming.

P. A. Gwynn (1934-9. Prefect, 1939. 1st XI Football Colours; lst XI Cricket Colours).
Of Gwynn's sporting achievements no mention is needed. He was a good Prefect and a cheerful inhabitant of the former sanctum at the end of the corridor.

B. Sorensen (1934-9. Prefect, 1939. Swimming Team Colours).
As a breast-stroke swimmer "Sorry" was second to none, and his cheerful nature was liked by all in the Prefect's Room.