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Valete 1943

JOHN A. MILNER: 1936-43. (Vice-Captain, 1942-3; Captain of Spivey House, 1942-3: Captain 2nd XI. Cricket. 1943 ; Chairman Debating Society, 1942).
Because of his quiet manner, it took us too long to appreciate Milner's qualities as Vice-Captain, and we doubt whether the rest of the School ever fully realised the influence he had in the Prefects' Room.
He would turn his hand to almost anything, with considerably more energy than was apparent. During the first few weeks of the school year until the arrival of Mr. Walters he taught Mathematics and Science to the Lower School. Now he is in the Royal Navy, and we wish him all success in this new sphere.

DAVID E. NORFOLK: 1937-43. (Prefect, 1943: lst XI. Cricket and Football; School Table Tennis Team.)
Probably our biggest loss on leaving Leominster was "Dave" Norfolk, who left to join Harrogate Grammar School to finish his Higher School Certificate course. Equally brilliant in class and on the sports field, he was liked by everyone throughout the School, though nowhere is he missed as much as in the Vlth Form, where his friendly nature, his formidable reputation, and his ability to do French proses endeared him to all. As a prefect, his efficiency was well demonstrated, even in the short time he held office.

DENNIS G. COOKE: 1936-43. (Prefect 1942-3; Captain of Morris House, 1942-3).
At last D.G.C. has gone into the R.A.F. We know be will not be as sorry to go as we are to lose him, for he has been eager to get at the Germans for months. We wish him every success in his new sphere of activity, confident that he will be as useful and popular in his mess as he was in the prefects' room.