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Valete 1965

H. Morgan. At school 1956-64. School Captain 1963-64. Prefect 1962-64. Captain Morris House, Chairman, School Council, School Athletics, House Debating Team, Treasurer Dramatics Society 1963-64. Senior Circle, Geographical Society.
A tremendously cheerful and friendly person, Henry had an easier task than some School Captains in that all his Prefects were junior to him. He set about his job with energy and vigour, and soon gained respect from all quarters of the school.
A good orator, he played the lead role in the school production of 'Macbeth', and helped Morris House win the House Debating Trophy. He also chaired the School Council throughout the year and succeeded in controlling many of the extrovert personalities who tend to constitute the bulk of that enigmatic body.
Henry is at present spending a year in the Solomon Islands under the auspices of the Voluntary Service Overseas Organisation. In August he returns to go up to Hertford College, Oxford in the Autumn, where he will read Theology. It seems fitting that such a full life should be eventually dedicated to the work of the Church.

R. T. Davey. At school 1957-64. Deputy School Captain 1963-64. Prefect 1962-64. Vice-Chairman School Council. ViceCaptain Morris House. Captain, 2nd XI Football. Science Society. Half-colours Football.
It was a fitting climax to Bob's school career that he was appointed Deputy School Captain. He was never one for the limelight but did much more work for the school than was ever supposed.
He will always be best remembered for his sincerity in everything he did and his genial and good-humoured nature. In his third year, in the true tradition of Deputy School Captain, Bob strove valiantly to reduce mounting deficits in the Tuck-Shop! In the Prefects' Room, with his renowned hugeness, he was one of the two 'quiet giants'.
His dedication to work in the academic field was justly rewarded when he gained an Open Scholarship to Guy's Hospital, London, to read Dentistry, and we wish him all success in the future.

J. C. Everitt. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. Allpass House. Librarian 1962-63. Senior Circle. Member School Council. History Society. Geographical Society. School Scout Troop.
'Egg', as he was universally known, was one of the most hardworking of Prefects-chiefly because he had very little else to do in his last two terms, at school.
After narrowly missing a place at Cambridge he set about passing 'O' Level French and German, which he was taking for the 'nth' time, with determination. The Geography Department should be very grateful to the many hours he spent in the field along with Messrs. Morgan and Maher. 'Egg' was also an active school scouter and gained his Queen's Scout Badge whilst at Monoux.
His academic prowess was of a sufficiently high standard to secure him a County Major Exhibition and a place at Leicester University where he is now reading Geography.

D, Gorrie. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. Chief Librarian. Vice-Captain 1st XI Football. Spivey House. School Athletics. 2nd XI Cricket. Full colours Football. Senior Circle.
One of the comics of the Prefects' Room, Dave's topical witticisms lingered on usually for six or seven weeks. A very keen sportsman, he kept goal for the 1st XI for two seasons, captaining the team on more than one occasion, and narrowly missed selection for the Essex Schools' Team. He was also a wicket-keeper and a sprinter for the school.
Dave worked hard as Chief Librarian, also using his capacity for organisation as Football Secretary. As the proud owner of a scooter he was ever the recipient of urgent requests to run errands. He is now working for the Shell-Mex Oil Company and we wish him the best of luck in his chosen career.

K. Burns. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. Senior Circle. School Orchestra. Spivey House.
Ken was enthusiastic, but quiet about everything he did, especially where music was concerned. Many Prefects' Room quips were directed at him and his celebrated trombone, but he would reply completely unruffled, with a dryness of wit that was unrivalled.
A keen German student, for several years Ken actively supported and participated in the Weilburg Exchange. Like the members of the Prefects' Room, most of the Germans soon came to appreciate his humour, kindness, and willingness to help others at any time. Indeed, if any Prefect was unable to carry out a tuck-shop duty, Ken would inevitably volunteer, if only to be able to hear from his 1st Formers the familiar taunts of his nick-name, 'Angus'.
Ken has now left us to go into Insurance. Truly, the School has lost a loyal and hard-working member.

P. N. Stas. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. Chief Librarian. Captain School Tennis. Mallinson House. Representative, School Council. Full colours, Tennis.
Pete was always quiet and unassuming and yet beneath it all was a diligent worker with a good brain. His talents were recognised, however, and in addition to becoming a Prefect he was appointed Chief Librarian and, partnered by Dave Gorrie, brought efficiency to the running of the library.
Pete was a keen and successful tennis player, captaining the School Team in his final year, and, despite his quiet and apparently frail nature, outside school took a lively interest in judo.
His efforts in the academic field were rewarded with a County Major Exhibition and a place at Birmingham University, where he is reading English.

B. Maher. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. 2nd XI Football. Treasurer, Senior Circle. History Society. Geographical Society. Mallinson House.
For the short period of time that Barry was in the Prefects' Room-he left at Easter-he was seen very little. With Henry Morgan and John Everitt, and under the leadership of Mr. B. Szczepaniak (the German Assistant) he conducted a land-use survey in the Braintree area under the auspices of the London School of Economics.
Barry was always an active member of his departmental societies, particularly the Geographical Society, which ably served to supplement his background reading. Above all he was a most
conscientious worker, a virtue that gained him excellent 'A' Level results and a place at Bristol University to read Geography. We wish him every success in his future studies.

G. W. Searle. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. Captain, School Swimming. School Athletics. 2nd XI Football. School Basketball. Captain Spivey House. House Debating Team. Full colours., Swimming.
It can truly be said that 'Cec' was one of the real characters of the Prefects' Room-without doubt he was the noisiest and most boisterous. Enthusiastic and extrovert in everything he did, he will be best remembered for his inherent and highly comical sarcasm.
As can be seen, Cec was a keen all-round sportsman, swimming for the District and gaining a place in the Essex Schools' Basketball squad just before he left. He also represented the School at Athletics and Football; and, in the distant past, there was even an U. 15 XI cricket match in which he 'participated'.

E. J. Bryson. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. ViceCaptain, Spivey House. School Athletics. School Swimming. Geographical Society. Half-colours, Athletics and Swimming.
Although a rough-and-ready character, El was one of the most sincere members of the Prefectorial body, and a loyal member of the School with a deep affection for his house.
While not outstanding at any particular sport he was willing to try his hand at anything for the sake of his house-and for the laugh of it. A connoisseur of the art of card-playing, when not in the Prefects' Room he could be found practising his skills in the Bastille.
El was not the most enterprising or hardworking of scholars, but it is to his credit that he achieved admission to the Dartmouth Royal Naval Training College and we wish him every success in his future career.

I. Wright. At school 1957-64. Prefect 1963-64. Librarian 1962-63. Secretary, Geographical Society 1962-63. Secretary, History Society 1962-64. Secretary, then Chairman, Senior Circle 1963-64. Higham House. House Debating Team.
As can be seen, Ian has never been a sportsman during his school career, apart from dabbling in cricket occasionally. He always strongly supported his departmental societies and played an important part m the debating and discussion sectors of school life.
Ever the 'perfect gentleman', his charm and courtesy often portended more success than he actually met with. The perpetrator of many jokes in the Prefects' Room, Ian met with a varied amount of disapproval despite which he maintained his demure and dignified facade.
'Tub', as he was earlier known, had a reasonably distinguished academic career gaining a County Major Exhibition (with a distinction in Economics) and a place to read Economics, and Business Management at Bristol College of Advanced Technology where we wish him well.

P. R. Bailey, At school 1958-64. Prefect 1963-64. ViceCaptain Higham House. School 1st XI Football. School 1st XI Cricket. Full colours, Athletics. Woodford Green and Essex Athletics. Dramatics Society. School Orchestra.
Phil's school life has always centred around athletics, and in this field he distinguished himself as a sprinter, running for Essex schools and also by breaking both the 100 yards and 220 yards school records. He also played a prominent part in school football and cricket for which his speed was his greatest asset.
Out of school, it is to his great credit that he attained the highest distinction in the St. John Ambulance Brigade, the Grand Prior award. Phil was a lively member of the Prefects' Room and we wish him good luck in his chosen career.

The following members of the Prefectorial body left in December 1964 or January 1965 :
D. C. Jolly. At school 1957-64. School Captain 1964. Prefect 1962-64. Captain Morris House 1964. Captain 1st XI Cricket. Captain, School Basketball. Essex Schools' Basketball Team. School Athletics. 1st XI Football. Full colours, Basketball and Cricket.
Dave was always the obvious choice for School Captain, and it was not at all surprising that he attained this position when he finally decided to return from the wilds of Kent last September.
He was always respected, and most people could recognise his flair for organisation. Whether it was on the sports field or in his work he would always succeed in a most unruffled manner where others would have fallen by the way.
Although never greatly interested in School Societies, he showed great conscientiousness as School Captain and managed ably the School Council. A shrewd and well-versed orator, Dave revelled in an argument or discussion, and together with Henry Morgan carried off the House Debating Cup for Morris House. It was in the sporting quarters of school life, however, that he excelled, captaining the 1st XI Cricket Team with great success for two seasons, and the School Basketball Team. He also represented the school at Football, and Athletics, and played for the Essex Schools' Basketball Team.
Outside school he took great interest in reading novels of all descriptions, especially the Russian school of authors, and by the age of sixteen boasted having read all of Shakespeare's plays!
He was also tremendously interested in classical music and was equally knowledgeable on Bach, Brahms and Britten.
Dave had a successful academic career in which he devoted much time and effort to English which he will read at Balliol College, Oxford next October. He is at present teaching at Sidney Chaplin School, and we hope that in the future he meets with the success that he so richly deserves.