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Valete 1941

BARRY, R. D. (1933-40).-School Captain, 1939-40 ; Captain of Football, 1939-40; Captain of Cricket, 1940; member of Tennis Team, 1940; Secretary of Chess Club; member of Dramatic Society; member of Debating Soeiet} . Barry, as is seen from his record, was a brilliant sportsman, and consequently was exceedingly popular as Captain, of the School. He was a capable scholar and is, at present, witli King's College, London, evacuated to Bristol.

CHILD, A. J. (1933-40).-Elected Captain of Spivey House, 1938; School Prefect, 1939; Captain of School Swimming, 1940. A capable scholar, Child rnade a name for himself as prefect and sportsman.

HART, D. D. (1933-40). School Prefect ; assisted with the School Library; member of Swimming Team; member of Dramatic Society. "Jammy" was a brilliant swimmer and diver and made a good prefect.

MILLS, D. E. (1934-41). School Captain, 1940; Prefect, 1939-40; Editor of School Magazine, 1940; member of Football XI, 1939-40; member of Tennis Team, 1990. Mills, an outstanding student and sportsman, finished his higlrly successful School career by winning a State Scholarship and an Open Scholarship in Modern Languages at Cambridge.

CHITTENDEN, A.. R. (1934-41). School Prefect, 1939-41; Librarian, 1940-41 ; member of 1st Cricket XI., 1940, 1941; member of Rugger XV, 1940, 1941; Member of School Athletics Team ; member of Dramatic, Debating aad Woodwork Societies. Little more need be said of "Chitt's" career, for he cxcelled in all branches of school life. His leaving truly constitutes a great loss to the School.

SUTTON,T.W.. (1934-41).Captain of Swimming, 1941; member of Swimming Team, 1936-41; School Monitor, 1941; member of Air Training Corps. Sutton was quiet and unassuming. He excelled in swimming, and was at all times willing to impart his knowledge, skill, and experience to any younger member of the School. His intention is to enter the Air Force.

CHAMBERS, P. F. (1939-41).-Schaol Captain, 1941; Prefect, 1939-40; Captain of Football, 1940-41; Captain of Cricket, 1941; Captain of Table Tennis; member of School Tennis Team, 1940. "'Pete," as he was called, was easily the most popular boy in the Scltool; and, despite the fact that. he was with the School for only two years, he achieved a really amazing record. Moreover, he was the first Central School boy to he elected School Captain. The School will miss very much his modest yet firm pcrsonality.

INGE, P.(1939-41).-Memberof School Swimming Team, 1940 ; School Monitor, 1940-41. Inge was another Central boy who did extremely well, even though he was a member of the School for only eighteen months.
LAST, G.C. (1936-39, l940-41).-School Prefect, 1940-41; member of School Gymnastics Team, 1937-39; member of Athletics Team; member of Swimming Team, 1937-39, 1941; Captain of Rugger XV., 1940-41; Secretary of Tennis Club, 1941; member of Table Tennis team, 1941. In 1939 Last left the School with a brilliant record behind him. A year later he returned to continue his career. He was a "genial giant," famous for muscle and brawn.

CAPLIN, N.B.. (1936-41).-Secretary of the Chess Club, 1941; member of Table Tennis Team, 1941; member of Stamp Club; pianist at School Assembly, 1940-41 . Caplin, though only a junior member of the Sixth form, was a very good, all-round scholar. With his departure the School loses one who gave good promise in science.

KEMP, D. G. (1936-42). We were very sorry to lose D. G. Kemp early this term . For a short while he was Captain of the School and filled this important office with conspicuous success. He was quiet but firm and thoroughly efficient. He gaimed his London General School Certificate with Matriculation exemption in July, 1941, and a London County Council General Grade Clerkship at the beginning of this term. We wish him every success in his new sphere of activity.

SMITH, E. H. (1936-41). We regret, too, to lose E. H. Smith, Prefect, and a popular mcrnber of the Cricket and Football Elevens, 1941. He also gained his General School Certificate with exemption from Matriculation in 1941, and, like Kemp, secured a General Grade Clerkship in the London County Council.