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Valete 1927

L. W. DAY (1919-1927), one of this year's. Prefects and a pillar of the Photographic Society, is leaving us to study for the Church. It is to be regretted that he could not have stayed with us a little longer, as he might have added much lustre to his name; but such being impossible, we offer him our very best wishes in his new sphere of activity.

Sic Transit
Rest awhile and shed a tear! Wellings, our one and only Albert Clifford Montague, our unique and solitary professor, our immortal "prof."-is leaving us. The Clothworkers (not to be confused with a more convivial fraternity) have awarded him an Exhibition at Fitzwilliam Hall, Cambridge, subject to his passing the Higher School, and, all being well, thither will he go next October to study theology, and, we have not the slightest doubt, to leave for all time the stamp of his powerful and pugnacious personality. Made a Prefect in 1925, Wellings quickly settled down in Room D where his ever-changing views, his fleeting philosophies, his ready self-contradiction-not to mention his powers of clerical and magisterial mimicry-have proved an endless source of delight.
Among sights immortal and one that we shall treasure to the end of our days is that of the "Odds" on a Wednesday afternoon, with Wellings, in an annually diminishing football jersey, walking up and down the pitch, solemnly adjusting his spectacles and learnedly discussing Carlyle, while menacing footballs whizzed around unheeded. But no more reminiscences-space forbids!
We wish Wellings the very best of luck up at Cambridge, and hope that before long he will honour us with his impressions of that ancient seat of learning.

H. E. ALSTON (1921-1927), who has just enjoyed a successful year as a Prefect, is about to enter the Central News Agency. We hope that when he becomes a great journalist, he may possibly write some of those articles he has not written for the "Monovian." We understand that one day he intends to write a biting volume full of savage invective on " The Gall of Existence" or " My Futile Contemporaries."

R. T. VAUGHAN, one of the best sprinters the School has ever had and a sportsman in the truest sense of the word, leaves this term. He gave splendid performances in the Essex Relay and Inter-School Sports and also won his Football Cap.

OTHER "LEAVERS." Cecil Vincent, Prefect and winner of the Mile Cup, 1927, and a leading member of both cricket and football teams for two years; H. E. James (1920-27), Prefect, 1926-27, and Cricket Cap, 1926; H. W. Widdowson (1918-27), Prefect, 1926-27; L. M. Clark (1922-27), matriculated at the tender age of 15, and one of the School's best actors; C. White (1921-27), Victor Ludorum, 1927.