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Valete 1945

Donald G. Ridealgh: 1938-45 (Prefect, 1943-5 ; School Captain, 1944-5 ; Captain of Allpass House ; Vice-Captain of Football, 1944-5 ; Captain of Cricket, 1945 ; President of School Council ; Sergeant, A.T.C.).
" Don's " massive figure was well known, and his popularity extended throughout the School. He was a good all-round sportsman, his ability being most marked on the cricket field. He was a pillar of strength in the School flight of the Air Training Corps and in the Dramatic Society, and will long be remembered for his performance as John Brown in Gallows Glorious.

Geoffrey C. Barrett: 1938-45 (Prefect, 1944-5 ; 1St XI Football ; 2nd XI Cricket ; Captain of Morris House ; Captain of Chess). Barrett was a good sportsman and, although not an outstanding player, was endowed with exceptional tenacity. He was an enthusiastic pianist and performed on many occasions before the School. He was also the Dramatic Society's " leading lady."

Kenneth Brooks : 1938-45 (Prefect, 1945 ; Leader of School Orchestra; member of School Choir ;member of Dramatic Society). Brooks was a keen musician and a capable performer on the violin ; his quiet nature concealed his real abilities.

Albert T. S. Hughes: 1938-45 (Prefect, 1944-5 ; Captain of Mallinson House; member of Gym. Team; Flight-Sergeant, A.T.C.). 'Alby's " cheery good nature made him extremely popular among all who knew him. He was the leading member of the School A.T.C., and fulfilled for the lst Cricket XI the obscure but necessary duties of scorer.

Ronal J. Lander : 1938-45 (Prefect, 1944-5 ; Assistant Editor of Monovian ; Vice-Captain of Swimming; member of Library Committee ; member of Dramatic Society ; member of Gym. Team). Another of the Dramatic Society's " ladies," Landcr played a greater part in the cultural than in the sporting life of the School, hut he will be missed by all who knew him.

Geoffrey W. Ribbans: 1938-45 (Prefect, 1945 ; 'member of Library Committee ; member of Debating Society and Inter-Schools Discussion Group). Although he did not rejoin the School until the beginning of his Sixth Form course, his quiet and friendly nature assured him the popularity he deserved.

Roy H. Stables: 1938-45 (Prefect, 1944-5 ; member of A.T.C., member of Dramatic Society).
Stables was one of those quiet people whose real worth is too often discovered only when they have gone. Always pleasantly good-natured, he was extremely popular with those who know him.

Douglas P. Holyoak : 1939-45 (Half-Colours for Cricket and Football; Full Colours for Athletics; member of Boxing and Wrestling, Table Tennis, and Badminton Clubs). A valuable all-round sportsman and a very popular member of the School, whose departure to the nearby Technical College was regretted by all who knew him.

Ronald O. Youle: 1939-45 (Full Colours for Football; Half Colours for Cricket; Captain of Boxing; Football Captain of Mallinson House). Another fine sportsman, particularly good at football, who has left for the S.W. Essex Technical College.