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Valete 1928

A. E. HOLDSWORTH (1920-28; Captain of the School, 1926-28; Editor of the Monovian, 1925-27; Open Exhibition in History at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge). After last year's elaborate encomium, the School Captain deceived us by returning, quite unrepentant, to stay with us for another year. However, he is quite definitely leaving this term to study Economics at Cambridge and, we are sure, to add yet greater lustre to his name.
W. L. Roberts (1920-28; Prefect, 1925-28; Captain of Cricket, 1927-28; Vice-Captain of Football, 1926; Victor Ludorum, 1928). No one has done more for the athletics of the School than Roberts, and he is, besides, in the first rank at both football and cricket. He has had an outstanding academic record, and will, we earnestly hope, make speedy headway in the business career which he proposes to adopt.

J. H. PAYLING (1920-28; Prefect, 1925-28; Editor of Monovian, 1927-28; Sports Secretary, 1926-28; State Scholarship, 1927). In Payling the School is losing one who in a quiet and unassuming way, has worked tirelessly in its interests. As Editor of the Monovian, he has produced a magazine of which the School may reasonably be proud. As Sports Secretary, his truly prodigious amount of work has helped largely to give us our present full and smoothly running football and cricket programs. We wish him every success at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, whither he goes in October to study law.

L. W. DAY (1920-28; Prefect, 1926-28; Chairman of the Debating Society, 1927-28; Secretary of the Photographic Society). We have already once said good-bye to Day in these pages, prematurely as it turned out. We can now congratulate him on his election to a Clothworkers' Exhibition at Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge, where he intends to study for the Church, offer him our very best wishes, and remind him of his duty to contribute a really original Cambridge letter in the near future.

G. F. LOTHIAN (1921-28; Prefect, 1926--28; Open Scholarship in Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Oxford). It is possible, we understand, that on his shoulders alone will fall the task of upholding the honour of the School at Oxford during the next year, and we promise him a busy time writing letters for these pages. We hope that he will do something lift Oxford from its present reputed despondency, but urge him not to be too frivolous in his manipulation of test-tubes and slide-rules.

W. G. ACRES (1921-28; Prefect, 1926-28; Captain of Whittingham, 1926-27; Football Cap, 1925-28). One of the most deservedly popular boys in the School, a fine athlete, and a good footballer, Acres will take with him the best wishes of the School to East London College, his new sphere of action.
There are also numerous others who say they are leaving, but we discreetly refrain from comment at present, as we have been caught like that before.

The following have left during the term:

W. O. JENNINGS (1921-28; Prefect, 1925-28; Captain of Football, 1927-28; Captain of Allpass, 1925-28; Secretary the Debating Society, 1926-28). Jennings ended his school career with a most successful year's football captaincy. He will be remembered most, however, in connection with his captaincy of Allpass House, which, under his leadership, won both the Football and Cricket Shields in 1926, in spite of the competition of the Snaith family, repeated the performance last year, and finally won the Sports Shield this year for the first time in history. We offer him our best wishes in his work at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington.

S. A. SUPER (1921-28; Prefect, 1926-28). His miraculous memory, his unstemmable flow of eloquence, his ubiquity will bring him inevitable commercial success. His departure will be lamented to an extent only slightly less than that of his rival in loquacity, one Wellings. He has gone to the South American Stores, Moorgate Street, whither he takes our very best wishes.

G. J. JAMESON (1921-28 ; Prefect, 1927-28; Captain of Morris). He is now in a stock-broker's office, where we wish him every success.

G. F. LOTHIAN. We have to congratulate G. F. Lothian on two successes this term: first, on being awarded a County Major Scholarship of £50 per annum for three years, and secondly, on winning the Cecily Courtauld Scholarship of £90 per annum for three years.
A. E. HOLDSWORTH. Another County Major Scholarship of £30 per annum has also been awarded to A. E. Hold worth. The amount has since been increased.