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Valete 1932

Our best wishes go with the seven Prefects who left at the end of last term.
R. J. North (Captain of the School, 1931-2; Captain of Whittingham House; Chairman of the Debating Society),
A.E. Gibbins (Athletics Captain, 1931-2; Captain of Allpass House; Cricket Cap).,
W.J.D. Walker (Captain of Higham House),
C.L. Cutting (Captain of Morris House; Cricket Cap),
C. S. Bayes,
J. H. Macartney
E. W. Harrison,
The following have also left:
VI. Sc. J.C. Jenkins.
VI. Lit. W.V. Harries, L. F. Lamb

We congratulate W. N. Corkhill upon his success in gaining a Minor Exhibition at Jesus College, Oxford, last December.

M. J. GURNEY (1925-32; Prefect, 1930-32; Secretary to Instrumental Society, 1929-32; Assistant Secretary to Photographic Society, 1930-1; Editor of The Monovian, 1931-2). In an unassuming way Gurney has rendered valuable service to his House and to the School. He was a popular and efficient Prefect, and his interests were varied and active. As Editor of The Monovian, his success in maintaining the high standard set by his predecessors is undoubted. We wish him every success in his work at County Hall. R.J.N.

N. A. C. BIGNELL (1926-32; Prefect, 1930-32; Secretary to Instrumental Society, 1931-2). In Bignell the School has lost one of its most useful members. He was an efficient Prefect, pianist to the Instrumental Society, and a keen member of the Photographic Society; his quiet and copious humour will be long remembered. We wish him all success at County Hall, whither he has followed Gurney.

R. J. HOLBROOK (1924-32). Holbrook was a very useful member of the Sixth Form, by whom his departure is much regretted. To the rest of the School he was known as a cheerful Sixth Former and an enthusiastic member of the Photographic Society. We wish him success in his new occupation of accountancy.

D. G. TUCKER (1924-32; Prefect, 1930-32; Athletics Colours, 1929; Secretary of Photographic Society, 1929-31). Tucker has done valuable work for the School both as Laboratory Prefect and athlete. Moreover, during his Secretaryship he further developed the Photographic Society and instituted one of its most popular features, lantern lectures. We wish him all success at the G.P.O.

F. G. PAYLING; (1924-32; Prefect, 1931-2; Secretary of the Photographic Society, 1931-2). As Secretary of the Photographic Society, Payling followed Tucker's example in promoting interesting meetings, and he also extended the very successful Annual Exhibition. He will also be remembered for his breathlessness and readiness (with Holbrook) to undertake any sort of practical job. Our best wishes go with him to Wanstead