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Senior Circle


The Society, as usual, did not hold meetings during the Summer Term, although one event of great significance did occur at the end of the term. Messrs. Purkis and Colgate left Monoux at the end of the year and the Society would like to thank them sincerely for their interest in and enthusiasm for the Society. With Mr. Couch, they tackled the difficult task of forming it from the cold ashes of the Senior Debating and Discussion Society. Also, grateful appreciation is due for their help and inspiration in the Allpass Debating Competition. Their adjudication and advice have done much to improve the debating standard of members. Their work helped to build the Society into one of the most active and influential in the School, and their place will be hard to fill. We say: "Thank you both. We wish you the best of luck in your new appointments."
The first meeting of the Autumn Term was for business; the committee for the year was elected and the annual programme discussed. The meeting was notable in that there were more new ideas and suggestions for the programme than ever before. They ranged from a talk by John Foster Dulles to representatives for the two Chinas who would fight it out over the Society's table; from a barbecue to theatre visits; from a Parents' Debate to a talk by a member of the Lord's Day Observance Society.
It looks as if the Circle is going forward into another successful year.