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Valete 1957

I. MUGRIDGE. School Captain 1954-56; Chairman of the School Council; Captain of Cricket 1956; Captain of Allpass House 1954-56 ; Editor of The Bulletin; Sports Editor of The Monovian 1954-56.
Ian combined a distinguished academic school career with efficiency as School Captain and not inconsiderable prowess at cricket and badminton. He would always list history with music and heraldry as his hobbies, and indeed he had a real appreciation, and a good factual understanding, of history. This has become very apparent to those of us who have followed him in a third year Sixth Form course in History: we are constantly referred to his achievements. But History was not the sole raison d'etre of Ian's school life. He will be remembered for many years because of his interest, and examination successes, in Religious Knowledge.
He took a keen interest in School societies, especially the Senior Circle, the History Society, and the Badminton Club. In 1954 he was on the editorial board of The Bulletin.
With a State Scholarship and a place at Merton College, Oxford, his scholastic future is secure. We wish him the best of luck at Oxford, and we are confident that the splendid qualities displayed in his service to the School will be perpetuated in his years as an undergraduate and in his later career.

C. K. BEAUCHAMP. 1949-56; Prefect, 1955-56 Vice-Captain Spivey House; Captain and Colours, School Football and Athletics; History Society; Senior Circle.
Christopher's quiet efficiency linked with his inspiring leadership made him particularly well suited as School Football Captain, a post which he held for two years. He was also chosen to play for Essex Grammar Schools on several occasions. His enthusiasm was further present in athletics, where he excelled in both track and field events, particularly in the Long jump, where he came second in the Essex Schools Senior Championship.
Chris. had a very keen interest in photography, and took some exceedingly fine photographs of the School's visit to Austria and of the geographers' visit to the Lake District in 1955.
Academically, he showed a lively, argumentative interest in his work, and was rewarded by success in the Civil Service Executive Examination. We wish him the best of success in his career as an auditor in H.M. Government after National Service in the Army.

M. BLACK. 1949-56; Prefect, 1955-56: Vice-Captain, Mallinson House; School Tennis and Basketball Captain; Vice-Captain, Cricket and Football; School Athletics and Badminton; Colours, Football, Tennis and Cricket; Senior Circle; Natural History Society.
Coming from a family of sportsmen, it is hardly surprising that Martin had a natural talent for all branches of sporting activity. Among his successes he played football, cricket and tennis regularly for Essex Grammar Schools, and had once had a large crowd of French girls cheering "Mar-tin, Mar-tin" when the School Team was playing football in Paris. Another side of his sporting interests was his great and fearless love of driving. It was really remarkable how he could pack a whole football team into his little blue van.
On top of his sporting activities, Martin nevertheless managed to do a considerable amount of work, and won a County Major Exhibition. At present he is studying medicine at St. Mary's Hospital, and has prepared himself well in advance for his chosen profession by reading every one of Richard Gordon's novels.

M. DAVEY. 1948-56; Prefect, 1954-56; Spivey House Captain; 2nd XI Football Captain, School Tennis and Athletics; 2nd XI Cricket; Colours, Athletics; Senior Circle; Choir; Madrigal Group; School Council.
'Mick.' must have been one of the most cheerful people in the Prefects' Room. His enthusiasm for all branches of School life and his naturally happy disposition made him one of the most popular prefects. As Spivey Captain, he made a tremendous contribution towards the victory of his house on two successive Sports Days. Mick himself will be remembered for his regular success in The Mile, winning The Old Monovians' Cup for two years in succession.
He also took an active part in School societies, especially the School Council and the Jazz Club. A keen singer, he was also a member of the Choir and Madrigal Group. In lighter vein, he took part in several rag concerts and joined Frank Smith in singing disreputable parodies of the School to the guests at Founder's Day suppers.
At present he is doing his National Service in the R.A.F.

S. C. EWENS. 1948-56; Prefect 1954-56; Laboratory Assistant; School Council; Life-Saving Club.
Stuart's principal interest was physics, and it is his ambition to become a nuclear physicist. In School, he was a very efficient and industrious laboratory assistant. In his spare time he tinkered around with radio sets and was a keen photograher. We are indebted to him for taking the Prefects' photograph last year.
Out of School his activities included the Boy Scouts and ballroom dancing, and at the latter he was exceptionally proficient. He was also a keen swimmer and belonged to the Life-Saving Club.
He will be remembered in the Prefects' Room as the only one of us who ate bread-pudding regularly for sustenance during midmorning break.
He is now studying Physics at Liverpool University.

W. R. GRAY. 1948-56 ; Prefect, 1954-56 ; School Athletics and Basketball; Secretary of the Senior Circle and of the Christian Fellowship ; Chairman of the Religious Discussion Group ; School Council.
Bill will be remembered as a person who took public examinations for pleasure and enjoyment. His love of hard work won him a State Scholarship and three distinctions at Advanced Level. Then he did exceptionally well in an examination at Cambridge, and won a place at St. John's College. He was a great poetry lover, and, though in 6A Science, decided to study for Advanced Level English Literature. After only two terms he took the examination and obtained a very good mark. At the same time, he took the State Scholarship Examination again, just to keep in trim!
His love of hard work showed itself in other fields. He was the Secretary-founder-member of the Christian Fellowship, and as the first secretary of the Senior Circle resurrected the old Debating and Discussion Society into a thriving School activity. In the realm of sport, most of his work was done in the gymnasium where he excelled at Basketball and Gymnastics.
We should like to thank him for the Prefects' Room radio set last year, and wish him the best of luck in the Army and at Cambridge.

M. HALL. 1949-56; Prefect 1955-56; Laboratory Assistant; Secretary of the Natural History Society; Badminton Club.
Michael always gave the impression of being a great lover of the countryside and of wild life. A keen naturalist, he was Secretary of the Natural History Society for two years, and never failed to arrange an interesting and varied programme. His great interest in Botany and Zoology made him particularly well suited for the post of Biology Laboratory Assistant, and he carried out his duties conscientiously and efficiently.
His sporting activities included Badminton and Swimming. In the Prefects' Room he was one of the most skilful cricketers and excellent at sending piledrivers crashing against the door or against somebody's legs.
His love of outdoor life is shown in his choice of an agricultural career. At present he is doing one year's practical training on a farm (where he has already learned to drive a tractor), before going to Wye Agricultural College, University of London.

E. SAYER. 1948-56; Prefect, 1954-56; School Choir; Madrigal Group; Senior Circle; Christian Fellowship; Religious Discussion Group; School Council.
"Ed." in many ways was the philosopher of the Prefects' Room. He was widely read, and showed a real understanding of political philosophy, and he maintained a keen and lively interest in Theology. It is his ambition to enter the Methodist ministry, and already he has done much work in this direction as a lay preacher. It is not surprising that his main interests in School were the Christian Fellowship (of which he was a founder member) and the Religious Discussion Group.
Another of his interests was singing, and his voice had enriched not only the School Choir, but also Billy Graham's Choir at Harringay. " Ed." always claimed that he enjoyed walking, and had once proved this to us by walking home from Sadler's Wells. He was keen on gardening, and for a vacation job obtained the post of temporary assistant gardener at Whipps Cross Hospital.
He has now gone up to the University College of North Staffordshire.

P. HARRIS. 1948-56; Prefect, 1954-56; Vice-Captain, Higham; School Badminton and Tennis; School Council ; Senior Circle; Natural History Society.
Harris, known alternately as either " Pete " or "Reg.", was one of the quieter members of the Prefects' Room, but the conscientious way he applied himself to his duty compelled respect amongst all.
In his leisure, he played in many sports in the same steady, diligent way, and proved himself a very useful School tennis player. He had also represented the School at Badminton on frequent occasions.
As Vice-Captain of Higham, he regularly represented his house on the School Council, and his comments helped to lend a pleasing touch of sanity to many of the discussions.
Out of School, he took a keen interest in Politics, and was a faithful member of the Young Conservatives. At present he is in the R.A.F., and after National Service hopes to study for the dental profession.

F.M.L. SMITH. 1948-56; Prefect, 1954-56; Mallinson Captain; Secretary of the School Council; Bulletin Editor; History Society; Senior Circle; School Choir; Madrigal Group.
There can be few activities of the School with which Frank did not have some connection. His ability as a speaker was given full vent in the History Society, in the Senior Circle, and in debating and verse recitation competitions.
He took a great interest in Dramatics both in and out of School, and gave one of his best performances as "Algernon" in The Importance of Being Ernest.
As Secretary of the School Council and as Cricket scorer, his neat, copperplate writing was very evident, and put to shame the efforts of even the most tidy writers.
His lively personality found expression best in rag concerts and in the entertainment which he organised for Founder's Day suppers. He was never happier than when playing one of his own compositions at the piano or when singing ditties by Noel Coward.
In his spare time, he was an A.S.M. in the Boy Scouts and had once paraded before the Queen at Windsor.
He will be remembered in the Prefects' Room for the paternal advice which he frequently administered to his less serious colleagues. He is now no doubt making his mark on University College, Oxford, where he is reading Geography.

A. SNOW. 1948-56; Prefect, 1954-56; School Athletics and Tennis; Jazz Club; Senior Circle.
Alan or 'Schniz,' a nick-name given to him by Davey for no apparent reason, was another of those cheerful personalities who are rarely seen without a smile on their faces. His keen sense of humour was very welcome to us., and it was to his credit that he could find something amusing in even the most serious arguments. It is for this reason that those few, serious arguments we did have never remained serious for very long
Alan was a keen athlete and excelled especially at the discus, in which he broke the School record last Sports Day.
He was a keen supporter of School dances and will best be remembered for the bow-tie which he sported on such occasions. We wish him and his bow-tie the best of luck at Durham University, where he is studying Physics.