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The 1947 season has without doubt produced the most encouraging results since the resumption of athletics in 1945, and we can confidently assume that the near future will see a revival of pre-war standards.
However, while we have every reason to congratulate ourselves on the year's work, the apathy towards athletics displayed in the Senior School has not fully disappeared and the Junior and Middle Schools were again the back-bone of all the teams.
Nevertheless, signs of real teamwork are now very apparent, and this more than any other factor has contributed to our considerable successes. Mr. Ninnim is to be congratulated on the way in which he has furthered this essential spirit.
This, our first competition of the season, was probably our most satisfactory display. Our position as second was a great improvement on the low result of last year.
A marked improvement in technique enabled the School to gain places in five of the six relay races. In the sprints our boys gained many successess, and in the field events we more than held our own, but onr results in the middle distance races were extremely poor, owing to the lack of enthusiastic Seniors.
The final order for the Cup was as follows : 1. Wanstead, 2. Monoux, 3. Buckhurst Hill, 4. Barking Abbey, 5, Leytont, 6, Romford, 7. Ilford, 8. East Ham, 9. Dagenham, 10, Chingford.
For the "Bressey Cup," awarded by handicap on the same results, the leading positions were : 1. Wanstead, 2. Barking Abbey, 3 .Monoux.

At the second annual meeting since the war of the Walthamstaw School Sports, held on July 26th, onr boys repeated their fine performance of last year, to retain both the Senior and Junior Cups. Although our teams won by a substantial margin of points, the competition was always fierely contested, and at no time did it appear to be a foregone conclusion. Again it was in the relays that our boys really showed their superiority, excellent technique and an admirable understanding gaining the School first place in three of the four relays and second in the other. It would be difficult to single out any one of our competitors for special mention for our boys were in every sense of the word a team.

Twelve Essex secondary schools participated in this competition, which is composed solely of field events. The School with 72 points obtained third place to Wanstead with 101 and Leyton with 78 points.
Although Wanstead early held the commanding position, sufficient to ensure their retaining the Cup, second place was keenly contested and decided only by the final events.
Handicapped by lack of practice at pole vaulting, the equipment for this event is still to be installed at the School we can regard this as a satisfactory result. We did not, however, forfeit all the points of the pole vaulting events, for two of our senior competitors, Barth and James, gamely entered, to gain 2nd and 3rd places respectively, truly remarkable achievements.

The 48th Annual Athletics Meeting of the School was held on Saturday, 19th July.
Thee great event seemed doomed to cancellation as torrents of rain fell incessantly throughout the morning; but fortunately the weather improved later and the meeting was held three quarters of an hour late.
With clouds threatening to break at any moment the events were completed with amazing rapidity, and the meeting finished at the scheduled time.
Although the ground was treacherous there were many fine performances, six new records being established. The high and long jumps were cancelled owing to the condition of the pits.
The Team Cup, introduced this year and awarded to the House winning most points in all team events, ensured even fiercer competition. The team mile, one of the many team events, succeeded in bringing out the very best in our Seniors, 24 starting and finishing.
The School wishes to thank Mrs Redhead for presenting the trophies; Mr. Ninnim for his capable organisation; the many members of the Staff and of the Old Boys' and Parents' Association for acting as officials; and Mr. Philpott for his hard work in preparing the track.