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Taking the season all round we may say that we are making headway, and perhaps we can be satisfied with our results at the Annual Sports and in the Club Competitions. In the "Champion Russell" Competition for Essex we managed to secure second place. The Cambridge Contest proved very useful from an instructional point of view, and our senior team obtained much useful track knowledge both in practice and from hints given to them by the members of the Cambridge team; while the junior teams brought to light much undiscovered talent. The Schools Invitation Match was keenly contested with encouraging results. We managed to maintain a leading position during the first half of the programme, but our running in the longer distances constituted a very weak spot in our team. The winners' times were in most cases satisfactory, some individual performances, indeed, being good. H.F. Bailey's jump of 5ft. 4ins. established a new record for the School, the previous one being made by L. Snaith in 1926 with a jump of 5ft. 1in.
Lack of serious training, however, was very obvious in all but the few. A good four weeks' to six weeks' practice is essential in athletics, and if this fact is borne in mind, our results will be still more worthy of us. Again, it is not in the best interests of School Athletics to have the same few boys competing in both House and Match events. Everyone who is physically capable should enter for at least two or three events (Otherwise the Sports merely tend to encourage "pot hunting" by those who stand a strong chance of winning. What is needed is more training and more entries.
Accordingly, eight new events were introduced into the School Sports this year: for the Juniors over 13 and under 15 years, two relays, the Flash Relay and Medley Relay, were instituted; for the Juniors under 13 years, two new sections were created, the group being divided according to age and height. This had the desired result, for large numbers of boys in their first or second year entered and went into training. These two new groups gave many commendable performances, especially in the High and Long Jumps.
We entered for many invitation races and did particularly well at the Southgate Athletic Club's Meeting, for we secured first, second, and third in almost every event. At the Woodford A.C. Meeting we took several firsts. In July last the School Athletic Clubs became affiliated to the A.A.A. and the Walthamstow Schools' Athletic Association. Shortly afterwards we were invited to take an active share in the County Sports held at West Ham, the standard of this contest being above that of the average school sports. K.W. Corder ran very well in the 440 Yards, winning his race for the Walthamstow Schools, and was selected to represent the County at the National Games held at Blackpool.
A party of some thirty boys visited the White City on the occasion of the All England A.A.A. Championships. This visit was greatly appreciated, for we saw the class athlete in action and at his best, and so obtained many valuable hints. We trust that this visit will be repeated each year.
High jumping and long jumping are now decidedly improving, the junior groups A and B under 13 returning 4ft. 3.3ins. for the former and 13ft. 10ins. for the latter. We are now the proud possessors of two really fine jumping pits. This should give every encouragement to boys to practise and develop their type of activity.
The following boys are worthy of special commendation for their consistently good running for the School throughout the season:--R. P. Towndrow (capt.), R. O. Lane, H. F. Bailey, D. Vicary, R.E. Rose, S.D.H. Cozens, E.E.W.S. Thompson, D.W. Field, H.J.W. Wilmshurst, K.W. Corder, L.S. Pontin, W.D. White, G.H. Scott, J.T. Manders, D.H. Stoker, R.J. Clark, and T. Bevan.
The Monovian, report of the 1933 Four-Cornered Athletic Contest, the first of its kind in the history of the School, recorded that; "The hope was expressed that the meeting would be repeated next year." Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Ninnim and the willing co-operation of the other schools, this hope materialised on Tuesday, July 3rd. Leyton County High School and Tottenham Grammar School were again represented, while the place of the Chelmsford school was taken by Wanstead High School.
The most outstanding feature of the meeting was undoubtedly the excellent long-distance running of the Wanstead team. The team owed its first place mainly to its wins in the 440 and 880 Yards, the Mile and the Relays, where again long distance running made itself felt. Nevertheless, Tottenham ran a close second in the 4 x 220 Yards Relay (under 18), which ended in an exciting finish on the tape. Tottenham also did very well in the Junior High Jump, reaching a height of 4ft. 11ins. New ground records were set up in Bailey's (Monoux) 5ft. 5ins. in the Senior High Jump, and Dyall's (Wanstead) time of 4 mins. 54 secs. in the Mile.

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The fortieth Annual Athletic Meeting was held on the School ground on Saturday, July 21st. The proceedings were interrupted several times by downpours of rain, but Mr. Ninnim, together with a large staff of officials and helpers, was determined to make the meeting a success in spite of the elements. And beyond all dispute it was the most successful the School has ever held. The number of the spectators was certainly a record, while among the officials were such distinguished local figures as the Mayor of Walthamstow (Councillor G.R. Lowtor., J.P.), Mr. P. Astins, E.C.C., and Mr. J. Hewett, E.C.C. The Mayor was accompanied by the Mayoress (Mrs. Lowton), and there were also present Councillor V. L. McEntee, M.P. for West Walthamstow, and Alderman Mrs. C. McEntee, J.P. The amplifying apparatus for announcing was, for the first time, really worthy of the occasion. Every announcement was heard distinctly all over the field. But perhaps the most satisfactory aspect of the meeting was the efficiency and the punctuality with which the programme was carried out, a tribute to the hard work which Mr. Ninnim and his helpers had put into the organisation.
Before the day new records had been set up by Lane and Francis in the Open and Junior Cross Country Races; and although only two further records were broken during the afternoon, in the Open High Jump and the Old Boys' Invitation Relay, there were, a number of very good times, notably Cozens' 10 4/5ths secs. in the 100 Yards. Bailey provided a fitting climax to his season's successes by beating the previous record in the High Jump by 4 inches.
The medals and trophies were presented to the winners by Alderman Mrs. McEntee, who is one of the School Governors.