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The year's athletics did not prove as successful as we had hoped. One of the reason, for this was a certain lack of enthusiasm in the senior part of the School. However, as the term drew to a close, much of this apathy vanished, and Sports Day, in spite of the scarcity of spectators, due no doubt to the weather, was a great a success as usual.
The first meeting in which the School participatcd was the Competition for the Champion Russell Cup. The meeting was held at Wanstead during the Easter holidays, and consequently few of our boys competed. There was a noticeable luck of seniors and we finished near the bottom of the competing schools. We gained places in the long jump, javelin, 880 and 660 yards, but in the relays and sprints we failed badly. The Cup was presented by S.C.Wooderson to Wanstead County High School.

This was the second meeting of the season and did much to efface the unhappy memories of the first, for it was here that our juniors showed their mettle. We saw the results of intensive training when our boys carried off the two cups for which they were eligible. Our efficiency in the "change-overs" enabled us to win all the relays.
The following boys obtained first place in their events: Agass, Bowker, Eagle, Eastoe, Harris, Insole, Lacey, Litwin. Quirk, Steward, Turner, Ward and Wrigley.

In this competition, too, we were reasonably successful. This was a competition for field events only, and we were handicapped in being unable to compete in the pole vault. However we did extremely well to gain fourth place. Notable successes were: Harris (high jump), Booth (high jump), Woods (high jump), Ind (long jump), Insole (long jump), Quirk (discus), Huntingford (discus), Smith (javelin), Russel (javelin), James (shot), Orris (shot). Wrigley (hurdles), Barth (hurdles) and Black (hop, step and jump).

The climax of the year's athletics was the School Sports Meeting, organised by Mr. Ninnim. The competition for the. House Cup gave us a duel between Higham and Spivey, which was decided only by the last event, Spivey winning by 214 points to 212.
Three School records were broken. Wanstead beat the interschools relay record of 1 min. 40.2 sees. by 1..8 secs.; Trett threw the javelin 12ft. 10.5in. further than the School record; Insole jumped magnificently, beating the School intermediate record by 9.5in. and the best senior jump by an inch. It will be most unfortunate if, as seems likely, Insole's illness prevents him from competing next year.
The following cups were presented at the end of the meeting by the Mayoress, Mrs. Bottomley:--
The Linda Cup (House cup)......................to Spivey House
The Old Monovians' Cup (one mile)............to F. B. Fairman
The Lady Leucha Warner Cup (_.-mile) .......to E. B. Fairman
The Ladies' Cup (1-mile) ....................... to S. J. Barker
The Ron Williams Cup (220 yards) ........... .to J. W. F. Trett
The Stewart Hatfield Cup (100 yards) .........to J. W. F. Trett
The Philpott Cup (javelin) .......................to J. W. F. Trett
The Midgley Cup (high jump)...................to J. C. Woods
The Ron Williams Cup was presented for the first time in memory of R H Williams, killed on active service.
Colours were awarded to: Barth, Fairman, Huntingford, Orris Thompson, Trett and Woods.
Half Colours were awarded to: Bangs, Black. B., Black. S., Bowker, Eastoe, Harris, Insole, James, Lacey, Millard and Quirk