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This year undoubtedly fulfilled in many ways much of last season's promise, for there was a great improvement in the School team as a whole. The most marked improvement however, was in the middle and long distance departments of the School team, which significantly coincided with the advent of serious cross-country in the School. The added strength which winter cross-country running gave to our runners was apparent to all, and it is just that the three boys who trained hardest during the winter, Wootton, Miller and Vernon Smith, were the most successful of the School's athletes.
Although the team did not have a particularly successful start to the season, with a rather lowly position in the Russell Cup Competition, it was soon to show its potential with victories in invitation events at the White City and also in the Wadham Trophy, Junior Section. It is the first year that this latter event has been held, and it is hoped that the trophy will remain at Monoux for many years to come.
This season, for the first time in many years, the School won the Walthamstow School Sports, both track and field sections, and this win, together with the Wadham Trophy victory, seem to bode well for the future, for both of these meetings involve only the junior section of the School team. Towards the end of the season the School took part in the Bickersteth Cup and came fourth, quite an achievement considering there were over twenty schools in the competition.
The School Sports, despite being threatened by a heavy downpour of rain went off with the impression of efficiency and high achievement that one has come to expect of a Monoux Sports Day. The success of Sports Day was mainly due to Mr. Crispin's splendid organisation, and his enthusiasm was relayed to everyone taking part, and for this the School is extremely grateful.
If more boys take advantage of the facilities offered by the School, and if they take advantage of the daily circuit-training sessions and cross-country running, the School can look forward to a highly successful season next year.