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Following a fairly lean cross country season, I think the general feeling was that the athletic season would continue in similar vein. However, this view proved to be a false one, and this is much to the credit of the entire team; the school won a high proportion of the competitions for which it entered, not through the efforts of a few talented individuals (although we have a few of these) but by the general backing-up of the vast majority.
I have only one complaint, and that was lack of time, which meant that many fixtures had to be cancelled and others hurriedly rearranged.
The Russell Cup was the season's first competition and we were not disappointed with our fourth place out of twelve competing schools as we tied with Leyton C.H.S. who had been winners the three preceding years. Our only winner was R. Wilson, in the U.16 440 yds., in a competition which demanded a very high standard of individual performance.
The Waltham Forest Championships closely followed and was probably our crowning achievement of the season: we gained 19 first places in all age-groups, winning the Junior and Senior competitions, and placing third in the Intermediates. Incidentally the Intermediates did very well with a team of fourth year boys (and one fifth former) in that age group. Outstanding in this competition were C. Glyde, who cleared 11' 6" in the senior pole vault, and D. Gibson, who, in winning the intermediate walk, beat all the Seniors as well.
There followed a number of smaller competitions: the Fairlop Trophy won by Fairlop with Monoux a good second; a pentathlon which aroused great interest among Monovians; and a lower school competition versus George Mitchell School in which the first and second year combined team reached the unusual result of a tie, while the third and fourths won comfortably.
A large number of Monovians represented Waltham Forest in the Essex Schools' Championships. The district seemed to gain numerous second places but received only one cup. A. Childs won the Senior 1 mile walk, and J. Evans, in winning the Intermediate pole-vault, was selected to represent Essex in the National Championships. C. Glyde was unable to vault in the Senior competition through injury but also gained selection by reason of his performance at the district level.
Later competitions resulted in wins for the first and second years, and third and fourths in a field events match against Leyton C.H.S. and Wanstead C.H.S., and again in a curtailed programme versus William Morris Technical School and Norlington School. In the Wadham Trophy we were placed first in the Junior section and second in the Senior, while the "Bickersteth" was perhaps a little disappointing as we finished only third.
We should congratulate J. Evans on his third place in the National Schools Championships and C. Glyde on his eighth place. Finally, I would like to thank all members of staff and boys who assisted during this season, especially Messrs. Crispin and Lord who gave unceasingly of their time and energy, and A. I. Miller whose advice and enthusiasm was invaluable.
R. N. Johnson (formerly VI A. Sc.).