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On February 9th the whole School attended a service at St Mary's Church to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of the death of our founder. The service, which was of a non denominational character, consisted of hymns, prayers read by Canon Oakley, an address by the Headmaster, and a sermon by the Bishop of Barking, who is a member of our Board of Governors. Mr.Emery read the lesson and Mr. Hyde played the organ.
The substance of the Headmaster's address is printed elsewhere in this magazine.
Monoux Bulletin.
A School newspaper, the Bulletin, was founded at the beginning of this year, and has appeared weekly except during the period of intensive enemy air attack. Its aim, as declared in its first issue, is "to supplement the Monovian, but in a less serious vein." We wish our new contemporary the best of luck.

Some controversy was caused at the end of last term by a suggestion that the present School Song was unsatisfactory and that a. new one should be composed. The proposal, which originated at a meeting of the School Council, was hotly debated, and a number of letters, some in favour of and some against the proposal, were published in the Monoux Bulletin. The subject was finally allowed to lapse when it was pointed out that many Old Boys were at present unable to make their opinions known.

The dance, which was held at the School last April, was a conspicuous success, and a second dance, arranged for the evening of Sports Day, was cancelled only because of flying-bomb attacks. It is of interest to note that John Dankworth, whose band provided the music for the dance, has now left the School to study clarinet playing. Mr. Ninnim was the efficient Master of Ceremonies.

The School Harvest Cantp held this year was, if possible, au even greater success than last year's, largely owing to the efforts of Mr. Rayner and Mr. Brobyn and those other members of the Staff who helped them. For a full report on it we refer our readers to the account published in this magazine.

The Headmaster is endeavouring to obtain a complete set of back numbers. He still needs the following issues:-
No. 5 (Summer 1927), No. 13 (Easter, 1930), and all issues prior toEaster 1927.
Will any Old Boys or others able to supply these numbers please write to the Headmaster at the School?