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The Wednesday lectures for the Fifth and Sixth Forms have been continued with great success. The value of these for essaywork and for broadening the general outlook cannot be over estimated, since the general knowledge of many matriculants has been found in the past to be seriously deficient.
Lectures have been given on the Government of Colonies, Modern Developments in Farming, The Power of the Press, Place.Names, Cricket, and the causes leading to the Rise of the Nazi Regime in Germany.
The morning recitals of music have been continued by Mr. Hyde, Manning, and Lempriere, with several members of the Orchestra supplying excerpts from the works of Haydn and Mozart in quartet arrangements with piano accompaniment, Legg, of Form I.L., has also sung. Marches and stirring music have accompanied the School as it left Assembly, in an attempt to dispel the morning gloom.
We echo the Headmaster's appeal to the unknown musicians of the School to come forward and fill the places of those, notably Lempriere and Manning, who are leaving at the end of this term. We feel that so valuable an institution should not be allowed to fail through lack of performers; and, knowing the great amount of practice required on the part of one person to play for five mornings a week, we cannot expect Mr. Hyde to carry on unaided.
The welcome installation of a refrigerator for the storing of ice-cream coincided with a minor heat wave and the beginning of the General School Examination. Its popularity was a foregone conclusion, and we wonder whether there was a hidden purpose in its arrival, namely the cooling of the Fifth Formers' heated Brains!