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At the beginning of October the Swimming Pool Fund stood at a total of £827. This included the money collected by Mr. Ninnim same years ago and a contribution from the School of £504.
A bazaar organised by the Parents' Association was held on Saturday, 9th December, in aid of the. Fund, with the support of all the friends of Monoux. The total raised will be announced in our next issue.
The editors are gratified that the response to pleas for material has been so enthusiastic. Reduced in the past to frantic declamations alleging apathy, neutrality and perverseness rampant, they have for this issue been inundated with articles. The poets amongst us have not been so prolific as the prose-writers, or perhaps they are more reticent about springing into print. It has been admirably demonstrated recently how much latent poetic talent is evident amongst the juniors. Why do they not submit the fruits of their labours to us? We have proved that we are prepared to consider work submitted to us with sympathy. We like to publish poetry from the junior members of Monoux.
University Letters as a section has proved a popular feature of our recent editions. Monovians who are at the university, however, seem reluctant to write. The anecdotes of our members at the universities in the Midlands fascinate their friends and no doubt would interest present Monovians as well as Old Boys. Please write to us.
We have spent many weary hours, albeit interesting ones, typing out copy that has come to us in a form that makes the work of the printer particularly trying. It would help the editors immeasurably if contributors would type their work (double spacing) or write very clearly on one side of the paper only.
Finally we should like to thank all who have contributed to this issue and we hope that their delight in seeing their work in The Monovian is as great as ours in publishing it.
The editors of The Monovian gratefully acknowledge the receipt of the following school magazines from their contemporaries: The Barkabbeyan, The Brentwoodian, The Chelmsfordian, The Chronicles, The Calcestrian, The Ealonian, The Heroin, The Leytonian, The Parmiterian, The Review The Romford County Technical School Magazine, The Royal Liberty School Magazine, The Sinjun.
In addition we have been delighted to receive Spektrum, die Schulzeitung am Gymnasium Philippinum, Weilburg.

At the beginning of the Autumn Term, the Bulletin said goodbye to L.A.Smy, one of the best known 'characters' who has ever haunted its editorial precincts. R.J.Yorke entered his second year of office as Chief Editor, and J.Boulter continued as Assistant Editor. As a result of some editorial changes early in the term, the board of sub-editors now consists of A.R.Fersht (Alan, of course, is a nationally-known chess player, and he now regularly teases readers of the Bulletin with his chess problems), S.G.Jennings, R.A.Ludlow (who reports lst XI football matches), C.J.Martin, G.J.Offord, T.Tombs, S.Townson (who handles School Rugby, which is rapidly increasing in popularity), P.W.Ward and D.L.Wigston (who, as a lively and well-known member of the School Council, is able to provide us with lucid and entertaining reports of the meetings of this animated gathering).
Armed with such talent, the Bulletin marched forward with a sparkling double-sheeted first edition, maintaining its usual high standard of quality into yet another year as reporter and commentator upon the affairs of the school, which role it has performed without serious challenge since 1944.