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The Wednesday lectures for the Fifth and Sixth Forms have been continued with great success this term. These talks should be extremely valuable to matriculants in their quest for general knowledge.
Lectures have been given on Vivisection, Drugs, the Economic System and Aims of Germany, and the causes leading to the rise of the Nazi Regime in Germany.

At the time of going to press fervent rehearsals for Laburnum Grove are in progress under the direction of Mr. Hyde.

The date of the School- Garden Fete has now been fixed: July 15th.
The morning music recitals have continued this term. Our thanks are especially due to Mr. Hyde, who has given us so much pleasure with his piano solos. Mr. Belchambers and Mills have occasionally played piano solos and Paton violin solos. Several members of the Orchestra have supplied excerpts from the works of well-known composers in quartet arrangements with piano accompaniment. Legg has also sung.

Form IIIg has shown considerable enterprise in producing a form magazine called The IIIg Rag. Jokes and rhymes help to swell the pages of the magazine which is, for boys of a Third Form, slightly disappointing. P.C. O'Donnel, a serial murder story, and Silver Flash, a serial yarn of considerable merit but, we fear, little originality, are the chief features. Although we have not been able to complete the crossword puzzle, we do not hesitate to congratulate its creator. Ii only the production had had a little more originality, it would have been much more praiseworthy.