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The Autumn Term saw the election of a new Secretary, and a host of new ideas appeared on the order paper for members to discuss. Mr. Bates was nominated to represent Monoux on the Walthamstow Junior Accident Prevention Council. The Council notes that some of its motions have borne fruit, namely that the bell has been removed from the bottom to the top of the Bastille Stairs, the system of milk distribution has been rearranged, and a hymn board has been made for Assembly.
Debates in the Council have always proved very lively; in many cases members have had to be evicted for over-enthusiasm. Other matters discussed by the Council have included: Dancing Classes, the organisation of The Bulletin, badges of recognition for boys holding the position of games captains, methods of raising money for the Almshouses Fund, School Table Tennis, towels in the cloakrooms, and the growing apathy in the Senior School to the House System.