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From this last entry there is nothing of interest' relating to the Monoux School and Almshouses till 1782, when a Deed was drawn up respecting this Charity between the parish and the owners of the property, charged with its support. Briefly this Indenture of 30th September, 1782, released to the parish the North Aisle and Monoux Chapel in the Church, and the Grammar School and Almshouses in consideration of the Rent Charge payable by the Monoux Trustees from .£41 14s. 4d. per year to £21. The £41 14s 4d. was to be made up to the Schools by rent of pews in the Chapel and North Aisle and from other dues payable to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the parish. The whole of the £41 14s. 4d. was still to be paid to the Almsfolk except £6 13s. 4d., which was to be paid to the Almspriest School- master and £1 6s. 8d. to the Parish Clerk, in case he should assist the Almspriest. This *' I have a note that at an Inquisition taken 8th June, 1699, there was only one Executor, viz., Sir William Scawen. Indenture of Lease and Release was signed by the Rev. Edmund Marshall and Joshua Marshall, representing the Monoux Trustees, and by Joel Johnson and John Haffey, Churchwardens of Walthamstow, and other gentlemen representing the parish. The Commissioners who were appointed to inquire into Charities in 1832 ~ say of this transaction that "it was effected without any sufficient authority, and could not be upheld in a Court of Equity. The parish could have no right to release or convey away any part of the endowment which Sir George Monoux had provided for his Charity." However, the deed was signed and carried into effect, and in 1821 it is recorded that "Sir Thomas Richard Dyer is now possessor of the Estate in Star Alley, etc., and pays the sum of £21 per annum, the Parish of Walthamstow having agreed to pay the remainder." This arrangement continued from 1782 to 1875, "when the Rent Charge was redeemed in consideration of the purchase of £700 6s. Consols, now standing in the names of the official Trustees of Charitable Funds."
We may here note that on 23rd May, 1876, thirteen Trustees were appointed by Order of Charity Commissioners, and it is then recorded that " the agreement by the Trustees to pay the remainder of the Rent Charge as stated in the Deed of 1782 has not been performed."