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1st XI
Perhaps the most significant feature of the season for the team was the season's length. In all 40 matches were played; this figure, I feel, must be a school record.
The team was unfortunate in this long season; there were many injuries, Johnson in goal being the only player to play in every game, and on Wednesday only members of the Sixth Form were available to play. The feature of the season for the team was a period of 13 games which resulted in 12 wins and only one defeat. It will be realised by looking at the team's final record that apart from this period the team did not play well. During the Christmas Term a total of 15 games were won but during the Spring Term only 4 more wins followed.
Undoubtedly the best results attained by the team this year were in the matches which were drawn. Possibly the best victory of the season was against King's College, London.
The strength of the team was surprisingly in the attack. After Christmas, however, this was partly blunted and as a result 4 games were lost by the odd goal in three.
I should like to take this opportunity to extend the team's thanks to Johnson, a most efficient secretary, who for the coming season has arranged the largest fixture list ever. I should also like to thank all those boys, under the leadership of Bramhall, who arranged teas after the games. At the moment enthusiasm for football throughout the school is strong and this has been fostered by Messrs. Lord, Shaw, Elliott, Harrison, Ive, Crispin, and Wood. Members of school teams are indeed greatly indebted to these gentlemen for refereeing matches. The appreciation of the lst XI for Mr. Lord's unstinting support and aid cannot be underestimated. Finally I should like to thank Mr. Gatwood for the admirable way in which he prepared the school's pitches, and the way he willingly offered to referee whenever necessary.